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Friday, May 25, 2018

Virtous App Digest – People-App

App Name: People-App

Platform:  iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • The People-App is perfect tool for freelancers, small business, independent entrepreneurs or anyone who finds it useful. 

Standout Features:
  • People-App is international
  • There is no list in People-App, you can find everyone and everyone can find you
  • You can find individuals and companies
  • It’s instant and live
  • Easier to search
  • Dynamic
  • Fun
  • Categorized
  • Free

Developer: Amirhessam Samadaghaei 

App Store download link:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Virtous App Digest – Chinese Strokes Order

App Name: Chinese Strokes Order

Category:  Education

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Standout Features:

  • Simple, efficient and easy to use
  • Learn the Chinese strokes order easily
  • Write and recognize Chinese characters
  • Learn the meaning of each character
  • Type a character and get its animated stroke
  • Change the stroke speed
  • Supports both simplified and traditional Chinese
  • Free for download

Developer:  JianSheng Ren

App Store Download Link: Chinese Strokes Order

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Virtous App Digest – WineNights

App Name: WineNights

Category: Food & Drink

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For wine lovers from all around the world who want to enjoy finding new and exciting wines, and to have fun with their wine buddies

Standout Features:

  • Start wine nights events and invite whoever you like
  • Rate, enjoy and discover new and exciting wines
  • Keep the list of your favorites stored in the app
  • Set the criteria for your night - venue, date, time as well as the country, region and wine variety
  • Compatible across iOS and Android phone devices
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Catered for experienced wine connoisseurs and novices
  • Challenge your friends to a wine night to finally prove who the true sommelier is
  • Earn status points to see how you rank against everyone
  • Taste and judge wines through the app to find out who is king among your friends

Developer: Craig Browne

Google Play Download Link: WineNights

App Store Download Link: WineNights

Official Website Link:  WineNights

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Virtous App Diggest – Win Bet App: Free Football Predictions

App Name: Win Bet App

: Sports

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?
This app is great for those of you who are fans of sports, especially of football/soccer and who love to bet online and get free daily predictions with solid win percentages.

Standout features:
☑Free daily betting tips, perfect for users searching best soccer predictions for today
☑Verified tips record
☑Detailed stats to show our performance
☑Friendly user interface
☑Push notifications
☑No registration required

Developer: Win Bet Group

Google Play Download Link: Win Bet App

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Virtous App Digest – Heuro

App Name: Heuro

Category: News

Platform: Android; iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For users that want to learn, create, connect and share knowledge, information, and ideas with like-minded individuals

Standout Features:

  • Simple and fun social learning platform
  • Read from your favorite publishers and categories
  • Latest knowledge and information from different news and blogs publishers
  • Knowledge search systematically organized
  • Capture valuable information and ideas in one click
  • Write, publish and share your article
  • Organized feed
  • Learn, create, connect and share knowledge with like-minded individuals
  • Free for download

Developer:  Heuro Platform Private limited

Official Website: Heuro

App Store Download Link: Heuro

Google Play Download Link: Heuro

Friday, May 18, 2018

Virtous App Diggest – Fmovies4: Movie Player & Downloader

App Name: Fmovies4 App

Category: Video Players & Editors

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The Fmovies4 is perfect for all of you “junkies” and consumers of good trendy music, videos, movies TV series or WWE sports from around the world. With it you can download each video you like as a video or an audio file and save it on your Android device for free.

Standout features:

-Easy to use
-High-quality resolution
-Watch & listen videos & music & movies 2018
-Listen to music videos in the background
-Download videos you like as video or audio files
-Share favorites on social media
-Find all you watched & searched in the history
-Choose themes
-Set to show next & similar videos movies 2018
-Save your favorites
-Keep track with trending videos movies 2018
-FREE video downloader & video player app
- Download Movie & Watch Online 2018 Movie Hollywood Bollywood
-Watch Action Movies & Romance movies & 2018 Movies 4K HD free
-HD movies and TV shows free
-All Langue HD movies and TV shows
-Free DVDRip Full Movie
-4K HD Mp4
-HD & 4K video displays movies

Developer: FMOVIES4

Google Play Download Link: Fmovies4 App

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Virtous App Digest – monUnique

App Name: monUnique

Category: Art & Design

Platform: Android; IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For users that want to easily create multiple designs from a particular image using app’s patented process

Standout Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Create multiple designs from a particular image easily
  • Click or select a photograph and apply the design filter
  • Multiple design filters offered
  • 3 modules available
  • Add various design objects from one or more design filters
  • Apply various transformations to the design
  • Change different properties of a design object
  • Supports text objects of various fonts
  • Three modes offered
  • Edit designs or create designs from scratch
  • Save the photo in a gallery or share it on social media
  • Free download

Developer: © monUnique

Official Website: monUnique

App Store Download Link: monUnique

Google Play Download Link: monUnique