Turtle Beach Z60 PC gaming headset delivers immersive audio

Posted by TechVirtous on 5:30 PM
One of the biggest leaps in consumer class audio technology was the jump from mono to stereo sound. I am quite sure that those who lived through that particlar moment in time actually felt as though they were in a whole new world. Turtle Beach, one of the leading audio brands where the video games industry is concerned, has just announced of their latest Turtle Beach Z60 PC gaming headset that was unveiled to the masses earlier this year, but never made it to the market – not at least until now. The Turtle Beach Z60 holds the distinction of being the first PC gaming headset from them that will boast of the brand new DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound.
Basically, the entire idea of the DTS Headphone:X technology is to ensure that one experiences a whole new world of sound when it comes to having headphones deliver the likes of movies, music and games to the user. This is made possible since it enables a much more discrete control over speaker position and angles, hence users are able to enjoy soundscapes which are a whole lot more realistic than what current surround sound solutions delivers.
For instance, majority of the surround sound mixes at the moment would place the center channel approximately eight feet in front of the listener perceptually, which would be the default for TV and film considering how the dialogue tends to come from the screen. When it comes to games like a first person shooter, alongside many other kinds of different game genres, however, most of the center channel audio would hail from the player’s character – for instance, the sound of the player’s feet walking in the snow, their inbound radio, and the sound of spent cartridges being ejected from their gun. With DTS Headphone:X, gaming presets have been developed by the audio engineers which results in gaming presets that will “pull” the center channel in the direction of the players’ midsection, ensuring that the placement of those sounds end up as being more realistic.
The Z60 will also boast of PC gaming’s largest speakers at 60mm, where it offers an expansive soundscape and bone-rattling bass. There will be an inline control unit that provides easy access to independent game and chat volume, while surround sound modes and microphone mute options are also available.
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