Virtous App Digest - UpShift

Posted by Sara Carikj on 8:46 AM

App Name: UpShift

Category: Productivity

Platform: Android

Price: $0.99

Who is it for?
- For all the rideshare drivers who want to optimize and streamline their rideshare business, their time and money.

Average user rating: 4.6

Most relevant user review:
"A must have for rideshare drivers! For drivers by drivers! This app is amazing. Very simple to use and has maximized my time and potential earnings. Love being able to keep track of tips/fares/expenses. The dead head mileage tracker was also a nice touch to be able to have those added for tax time. I emailed a developer previously about the app to try it out and have to say it is definitely worth the money! It does make my phone run a bit hot but I clear out my background apps and that usually solves the problem. I am excited to see what they have in store for us!"

Developer: Managed Development, LLC

Google Play Download Link: UpShift