Virtous App Digest - Mustard

Posted by Sara Carikj on 5:31 PM

App Name: Mustard

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: iOS and Android


Who is it for?

  • For users that want to create events with a time and location and then invite friends.
  • For users that want to know their friends' location when they're late on a meet-up.

Average User Rating: 5.0

Most relevant user review:
  • "Best App to meet with friends I don't need to keep calling everyone to know where they are anymore. It's just easier to use the app and I spend more time enjoying the company."
  • "This app makes it super easy for your friends to find the party. This is especially useful for outdoor beach parties where you could be located anywhere along a 2 mile stretch! Instead of everyone texting each other creating confusion, your guests will know exactly where to find you to get a cold beer!"

Standout features

    • Easy to use, with smooth and clean user interface.
    • create events with a time and location
    • send them to your contact list or Facebook friends list.
    • Anyone who joins events can set a time to start tracking.
    • Once that time arrives, Mustard will automatically start tracking their location.
    • You can connect your Mustard profile to your Facebook account so that you can log in as quickly and easily as possible.
    • If you prefer not to use your Facebook account simply add an image and your name and that's it.
    • Mustard uses your background GPS to know when and where to start tracking.

    Developer: Mustard Co

    Google Play Download Link: Mustard
    App Store Download Link: Mustard

    Official Website: Mustard