Virtous Game Digest - Escape from the Amazon

Posted by Sara Carikj on 7:14 PM

App Name: Escape from the Amazon

Category: Games

Platform: iOS


Who is it for?

  • For users that want to experience one of the most exciting and thrilling story adventure games.
  • For users that want to immerse themselves into an interactive story that combines the best of the much loved “choose your own story” with all kinds of exciting possibilities.

Standout features

  • A story written by the horror writer Stephen Quid.
  • Thrilling text gameplay.
  • Beautiful typography
  • Every user gets a vivid experience, an experience that can challenge your knowledge, your confidence and your willingness to take risks.
  • You will receive notifications of new messages and questions
  • You can respond to them directly in the game or from your notifications screen on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Internet connection not required.
  • No in-app purchases and no ads.

Developer: Martijn van Wageningen

App Store Download Link: Escape from the Amazon