Virtous Game Digest – StopSmoking

Posted by Stefan Savic on 6:05 PM

App Name: StopSmoking

Category: Health & Fitness

Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Users who want help to quit your smoking habit. StopSmoking is a mobile runner game which helps you to quit smoking in a fun and interactive way.

Standout features:

Still wondering how this game makes quitting smoking easy? Here are the features of the app/game that make it unique -

- Based on proven therapy CBM to overcome addictions

- Collect healthy objects and dodge objects related to smoking

- Game is over when you do not dodge smoking related objects

- Tips for cravings during the game

- Keep track of your improvements

- Keep track of high scores

Developer: Tim Limpt

Most Relevant User Review:

““Stop smoking game will support you to over come your smoking addiction. It is easy way to stop smoking by playing this game.”

App Store Download Link: StopSmoking

Google Play Download Link: StopSmoking