Virtous Game of the MONTH - Wordaholic (iOS & Android)

Posted by TechVirtous on 5:30 PM

App Name: Wordaholic

Category: Word Games

Platform: iOS & Android


Who is it for?
  • For word game lovers that want to have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

  • For users of any age that want to challenge themselves with a unique word game.

Reason why it is pronounced as Virtous Game of the Month?

- User friendly interface

- Engaging word guess levels

- Compelling graphics

- Beautiful animations

- Enjoyable and great for brain training

- Contains facts that are interesting, catchy and memorable

- Complete gaming product that can become viral!

Average user rating: 4.6

Most Relevant User Review:

" Makes you think Challenges you to make picture\word associations as well as category\word in a letter scramble format. "

Standout features

    • Beautiful graphics, typography and color selection

    • Lovely sound effects

    • Unique gameplay and controls

    • 222 unique levels

    • Different type of word guess requests

    • IQ progress for motivation and challenging moments

    • Intuitive UI

    • Helpful hints

    • Interesting “did you know facts” 

    Developer: Web Media Solutions

    App Store Download Link: Wordaholic

    Google Play Download Link: Wordaholic