Virtous App Digest – ParentoScope Parental Control

Posted by Stefan Savic on 4:52 PM

App Name: ParentoScope Parental Control

Category: Parenting

Platform: Android

Price: Free

In-app purchases

for $4.99 each.

Who is it for?

Parents who like to raise kids in the context of today's realities. By linking to your smartphone, Parento can provide you with information that is essential for good parenting.

Standout features:

A) Personalized insight into your kid's interaction with the physical and online worlds

B) Access to useful information you care about

C) Parenting hints, tips and advice from experts all over the world

D) Loyal, reliable, and dependable android robot

F) Chart important aspects of your kid's actions, helping you monitor progress over time

G) Find your kid’s device if they lose it, or if they allow device battery to run down

and much more...

Developer: ParentoScope

Most Relevant User Review:

“Life Saver This must be one of the most comprehensive parental control apps I have ever come across. The app does parental control differently to others, promoting discussion above all else. Great responses from the robot. A great resource and has been a lifesaver for us. Highly recommended”

Google Play Download Link: ParentoScope Parental Control

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