Virtous Game Digest – Color Flashlight Alert: Call!

Posted by Stefan on 12:00 PM

App Name: Color Flashlight Alert: Call!

Category: Communication

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

For the users who mostly miss their call alerts and also for the deaf people because these apps have on the multi-flash color options of colored lights for many apps using different colored lights to determine green, yellow, blue, red choosing a color that you get the next notification alerts with colorful flash messages and calls.

Standout features:

* Super flash on call with Bright Flashlight LED
* brightest flashlight multi led
* flash on call is Easy to use
* flash on call blinker uses the missed call alerts when phone is off
* flash multicolor on call is a Battery friendly

Developer: Alertwave Software, LTD.

Most Relevant User Review:

“Just what it says no more no less this is the perfect app because it does its job. Only its job. It only needs permission for my led light not. Not Wi-Fi, internet access, GPS, my personal data, and all that other crap that a flashlight app does not need to have access too. It’s a light not spyware. Thanks for the app”

App Store Download Link: N/A

Google Play Download Link: Color Flashlight Alert: Call!

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