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Posted by Stefan Savic on 5:42 PM
App Name: Apps Locker

Category: Tools

Platform: Android

Price: Free (PRO version is available)

Who is it for?

Apps Locker is the ultimate tool to protect your apps and we help you enable or disable the lock as you see fit, you can even choose between the lock pattern mode at all times. One of the main benefits of using Apps Locker is that it helps you take complete control over what apps you use and how you use them, but at the same time, you get complete customization options and incredible attention to detail.

Standout features:
Lock your apps with a "secure" but "easy to unlock" pattern.
It is the lightest App, which does not consume RAM, battery and other system resources like others!
Secure your messaging and social apps and make your social life really yours.
Lock Facebook Messenger chat bubbles.
Hide your pictures by locking gallery and photo apps.
Keep your data secure from prying eyes.
It comes up with awesome Themes and Colors!
Material designed.
Moreover, it works flawlessly even with latest versions of Android!

Developer: NuBoss Entertainment, LLC

Most Relevant User Review:

“App locker is one of the best ones out there. I have tried a bunch of others, but my boys were always able to get around them. With app locker, they cannot because of all the features app lock offers. I have recommended to friends and family who has thanked me for it. I would recommend it to anyone with kids or any who just wants to keep people out.”

Google Play Download Link: Apps Locker

Google Play Download Link: Apps Locker PRO

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