Virtous App Digest – n-gage messenger

Posted by Stefan Savic on 7:41 PM

App Name: n-gage messenger

Category: Social

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Users who wants that their communication should be kept secure whether it is about some secret business deal or it is a secret conversation with someone special. It is the most enhanced platform for all of your messaging needs.

Standout features:
delete a message you already sent
send messages to users of other apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike)
have video chats individual and group
Private Vault to store sensitive contacts and messages
Extract a message or a conversation you sent, which deletes it from your end and that of your recipient
Password-protect a specific chat
Send self-destructing messages
Stealth Mode to become invisible to select friends and be anonymous in group chats
End to end encryption at rest and in transit
The app claims to protect your messages from being screen captured, but does not explain how
You can personalize the design of your N-gage messenger, use stickers, n-Cards and Doodle Plus

Developer: n-gage

Most Relevant User Review:

“It’s a very useful app for people who love privacy and fun at the same time. So go ahead, check for yourself and chat safely!”

App Store Download Link: n-gage messenger

Google Play Download Link: n-gage messenger

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