Virtous App Digest –TransBox – Secure File Sharing

Posted by Stefan Savic on 5:09 PM

App Name: TransBox – Secure File Sharing

Category: Communication

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

For users who want to share their confidential data in a secure encrypted space that give total control and significantly improves privacy and protection. Control all of your shareable data (email, chatting, social network service, cloud accounts) in a powerful data encryption and safe share data app.

Standout features:

· Data Encryption
Providing Boxing (encryption) function for private and business communication such as e-mail, chatting, social media, etc.

· Data Decryption (view permission)
Only permitted users can get Unboxing (decryption) permission of the data. Decrypt data simply!

· Key Request
If users who don't have permission want to unlock Box, they should request a key from you. Key files sharing with simple UI. Get a pre shared key and unlock the box of data.

· Remote destruction
Text, photo and document (upgrade soon) can be destroyed; you can even destroy the data you sent through various channels.

· Data tracking
Providing transferred data tracking function
(data reader, time of data check)

Developer: TransBox

Most Relevant User Review:

“It is the best app yet now for extra amazing features to protect and manage your personal data.”

Google Play Download Link: TransBox – Secure File Sharing