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Posted by Stefan Savic on 6:08 PM

App Name: Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia

Category: Sports

Platform: Android

Price: Free (in-app purchases $1.2 per item)

Who is it for?

Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia is diving 3D simulator game app that helps people learn to dive and appreciate the wonder of the underwater world. Scuba diving is an exciting, life-changing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The game revolves around the stunning world of Zenobia wreck. Zenobia is located in Larnaka, Cyprus, and is considered as one of the top 10 wrecks worldwide. The game is with brief in its way and provides you the real experience of scuba diving. You can see the following calculations for your dive.

Standout features:

· Choose up to three different gasses from 21% to 99% Oxygen

· Choose your gasses initial pressure

· Choose your personal surface air consumption (SAC)

· See a representative marine life that occurs at the Zenobia wreck, based on scientific research

· Save your dive routes in 3D and share them with your dive friends.

· All the calculations that occur while preparing for dive or during the dive are reality based.

· A 3D book with zoom and pan option that contain history of Zenobia wreck and the marine life present there.

· Get notified about your and diving gear status.

Premium version: This has more equipped gear and unlimited number of dives.

Developer: Kalia Aristidou

Most Relevant User Review:

“Useful app, amazing wreck dive site. Very useful app for divers who want to explore the huge Zenobia wreck, which is considered to be the world's best wreck dive site. E-book on marine life is quite informative as well. What an incredible variety of sea life!”

Google Play Download Link (Paid): Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia

Google Play Download Link (Free): Scuba Dive Simulator: Zenobia

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