Virtous App Digest – BubbleChat - add thought bubbles to photos

Posted by Stefan Savic on 5:43 PM

App Name: BubbleChat - add thought bubbles to photos

Category: Social Networking

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

BubbleChat - add thought bubbles to photos, This new iMessage app allows you to add funny thought bubbles to photos of yourself, your pets, family or friends and share them, even if you have no artistic or graphic design skills. The app is made specifically to work with iMessage and once you download the app, it can be called from the app store icon on the iMessage screen.

Standout features:

· Choose from photo gallery or take photo / selfie

· App automatically adds bubble above person's face

· Type fun thought text and emoji in bubble

· Drag and resize bubble

· Dragging bubble onto someone’s face will attach bubble to it

· Smart bubbles avoid covering faces and other bubbles

· Smart bubbles shrink text as you type more

· Tap on person's face to add another bubble

· You can even drag the mini bubbles separately

· Change direction of mini bubbles by dragging them past center (horizontally or vertically)

· Share with iMessage

· Save to your Photo Gallery and then post

· Use any language via your soft keyboard

· No login

Developer: Imagical, LLC

Most Relevant User Review:

“The sticker pack gets updated frequently and it's free, can't help but appreciate that. It is a great way to add colors to your conversations”

App Store Download Link: BubbleChat - add thought bubbles to photos

Google Play Download Link: N/A