Virtous App Digest – PopDQ - Q&A by experts

Posted by Stefan Savic on 5:24 PM

App Name: PopDQ - Q&A by experts

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

PopDQ - Q&A by experts allows users to submit questions and answers. You can charge people to ask questions, and you can put a price on viewing the answer. You can earn money from answering strangers’ questions, or even from asking them. This money comes in the form of credits, which you can also purchase in-app.

Standout features:

· It comes up with easy login features

· It offers newsfeed feature so you do not have to search more for trending questions

· It features easy to use interface and smooth navigation.

· Ask a question get a great answer

· Get rewarded for answering in the form of real money

· Listen to the other worthy question posted by users and the answers for these

· Learn from experts including astronauts, police officers, actors, lawyers, and more

· Get real industry insider knowledge

· Get or give answers in the form of text, voice or video message.

· The answers you receive for your questions are reliable as Real experts provide all the answers so there you can take these as a second opinion

Developer: PopDQ - Q&A with Celebs, Influencers & Experts

Most Relevant User Review:

“At first I admit to being quite skeptical, being a fan of Quora's dominance in the Q&A department. But I got onboard PopDQ myself, tried it out and got really personalized micro-answers from Experts that was useful to me across many areas; e.g., I got a rare skin condition diagnosed by a top Skin Specialist, an award-winning international Author who shared inspiring tips with me on how to get started becoming one, among many others... I'd recommend others to give lifelong learning a go on this app.”

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Website: PopDQ – Q&A by experts