Virtous App Digest – [Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG]

Posted by Stefan Savic on 7:05 PM

App Name: Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG

Category: Role Playing

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Standout features:

■ Classic arcade vertical scrolling shooter inspired gameplay
- Control 3 heroes at once!
- Dodge enemy projectiles and shoot!

■ Characters with different roles
- Place the tank in the front and range dps in the back!
- Characters have variety of unique skills that make more strategic gameplay!

■ Monsters and traps with variety of skills and effects
- Monsters that does AoE damage
- Monsters casting chain of lighting that chains to other monsters
- Slime monsters that divides themselves into smaller ones when they die
- Skeleton monsters that wakes up when touched by player
- A giant rock trap that activates when touched by player
- Lots of others

Developer: Buff Studio Co., Ltd

Most Relevant User Review:

“This game is amazing. It is easy to pick up and have fun while being challenged. It punishes you for messing up the timing and rewards you for getting just right if I had to pick a game that is Dark Souls for your phone this would be it. That art style is just another amazing thing about it.”

App Store Download Link: Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG

Google Play Download Link: Wonder Knights: Pesadelo - Shooting RPG