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Posted by Stefan on 7:26 AM

App Name: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Category: Productivity/ Utilities

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

With WRIO Keyboard (+ Emoji), you get rid with the traditional QWERTY keyboard we are used to with and replace these with big hexagonal-shaped keys. Replacing standard keys with hexagonal patterns have resulted in an increase in the size of keys. Hence, they are easy to reach and it reduces the chance of accidental typos. If you still make some error, the intelligent auto-correction algorithm will take care of it. Moreover, over time, the keyboard adapts itself to your individual typing behavior, further minimizing the occurrence of errors.

Standout features:
It comes up with smart and intelligent algorithm that is personalized to the way you type, the more you type the more it gets smart and efficient.
It offers the best auto correction feature.
With it intelligent gestures now you do not have to tap the button to delete or capitalize the letters, just swipe and get what you want.
With its multiple language features, you can type in 30+ languages and you do not even need to switch the language repeatedly.
It is very easy to learn and with few time of use, you will be feeling more comfortable.
It offers more than 1000 color emojis that make your texts more creative.
With its winter discount offer now, you can have it for only $0.99 saving up to $1.

Developer: icoaching gmbh

Most Relevant User Review:

“Love the format! Could use more themes but overall any AND everyone who uses my text is intrigued by the "honeycomb" style of keyboard. Worth it!”

App Store Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Google Play Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

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