Virtous App Digest – [Informusic-Classical Music History & Composer App]

Posted by Stefan Savic on 9:49 AM

App Name: Informusic-Classical Music History & Composer App

Category: Education

Platform: iOS

Price: $0.99

Who is it for?

Informusic-Classical Music History & Composer App brings an opportunity for the students, professors, and classical music lovers to learn everything they want to know about Western Art Music’s, medieval times, and the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. This app has an excellent layout, is easy to navigate, and highly informative.

Standout features:
This app is super helpful for looking up information quickly on composers as well as verifying facts
The app offers a timeline of 19th century Western classical music, music scores with audio files attached and biographies on all featured musicians.
It brings the suggestions for further readings by leading scholars and complete works lists.
The app can also be useful for music lovers in general.
And much more…

Developer: Informusic

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome App. As someone who enjoys European history, this app is great for linking historical events with major composers and musical breakthroughs occurring around the same time. Super easy to use, very detailed and thorough. Highly recommend”

App Store Download Link: Informusic-Classical Music History & Composer App