Virtous Game Digest – [Bounce-E]

Posted by Stefan on 5:42 PM

App Name: Bounce-E

Category: Adventure

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Bounce-E is the adventure platform game full of actions and movements and it needs excellent command over reflex and hand-eye coordination skill of its players. The game comes up with the attractive storyline, that is about a ball who is on the mission to change the color of the clouds and you are the one who has full control over that ball. More you will master the control on the ball movement, you will be able to score more and climb the higher levels!

Standout features:
It has a brilliant user interface: easy to navigate and vibrant
There are endless levels of challenging adventurous journey.
Stimulating music is lively: it will keep you entertained and will never let you go slow
The running track has many difficulties
The game has excellent background theme
It is a multilevel game: more you will play efficiently; you will get to unlock its hidden levels.

Developer: Scribbling Ribble Studio

Most Relevant User Review:

“I play this game every time I get bored, or when I need to pass time. Trust me guys you won't regret getting this game! Special thanks to the creator!”

Google Play Download Link: Bounce-E