Virtous Game Digest – [Duels]

Posted by Stefan on 7:28 PM

App Name: Duels

Category: Casual

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

“Duels” is newly developed game for those who are always looking for some brain challenging fun. It is the kind of game, which rewards you for your tactics and prescience, whereas it rebuffs you for your eagerness. Your win streak increments and your enemy develops to be more strong each time you win a duel and this game will remain absolutely determined to thrashing you and end your win streak. The higher your win streak, the more coins you win to upgrade your current stats.

Standout features:
Simple and Easy to control but difficult to master
No helping material available to start your game play, which revokes your brain to decide your own way to play
Play it anywhere and anytime, as there is no internet connection needed to play.
Upgrade your attack and defense power by means of coins you earn while you win the battle
And much more…

Developer: ZZ Infinity Apps

Most Relevant User Review:

“Forces you to think and be the best”

Google Play Download Link: Duels