Virtous Game Digest – [Untangle Me Stars Brain Puzzle]

Posted by Stefan on 4:30 PM

App Name: Untangle Me Stars Brain Puzzle

Category: Casual

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Untangle Me Stars Brain Puzzle is a free puzzle fun that will make you mind to think and on the same time it will enhance your brainpower to deal with complex situations. It is interesting to play and both growing kids and adults will extract fun out it. This game deals with stars that are randomly arranged in a space, players can play at different levels, which are unique and each of the levels is mind boggling with their individual level of challenge.

Standout features:

· Real brain training challenge

· One of the best new tangled games

· Untangle me is a free thinking game

· Simple logic puzzle solver challenges

· Great game to enjoy while on the go

· Exquisite HD graphics & sound effects

Developer: MXK-DEV

Most Relevant User Review:

“Cute little game with a decent difficulty curve that gets nicely difficult at the end. If I didn't do puzzles as much as I do then this would have taken much longer than it took me. Worth a play if you have some free time to kill.”

Google Play Download Link: Untangle Me Stars Brain Puzzle