Virtous app Diggest – No Snooze A - Alarm Clock with Classic Music Songs

Posted by Stefan on 4:39 PM

App Name: No Snooze A

Category: Tools, Productivity

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The alarm clock app that we select as one the best on Google Play Store is available for all who postpone the alarm and struggle with waking up instantly every morning. Namely, we talk about No Snooze A wich is perfect alarm clock app that will create pleasant ambient to wake fresh, positive and ready to start the day inspired.

Standout features:

-Music songs clipped to themes and moods as alarms
- 24 different themes
- 1 free alarm and 1 to 3 pro songs
- Only 1.99 monetization for all songs and removed adds
- Anti-snooze alarm
- For phones and tablets

Developer: Freewright

Most Relevant User Review:

“Very easy to use, and a FANTASTIC music selection. The pro version is definitely worth it.”

Google Play Download Link: No Snooze A