Virtous App Diggest – Motorbike Racing a sport game app with a difference

Posted by Stefan on 4:03 AM

App Name: Motorbike Racing

Category: Racing

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

The Motorbike Racing game app is for ones looking for thrilling motor racing, new racing challenges, competitions and remarkable gaming experience above all. The outstanding graphics and physics are that what makes Motorbike Racing so special. There are 30 levels with difficulty in a progression that will bring player’s skills and gaming abilities on serious testing.

Standout features:

- Easy to play and use

- A racing app for hardcore fans of motorcycle racing games

-Outstanding graphics and physics

-Challenge and addicting game play

-30 levels of difficulty in progression

- Free to download

-Suitable for Android devices

Developer: Double Tap

Most Relevant User Review:

“Great realistic Marvelous. This diversion is truly awesome!”

Google Play Download Link: Motorbike Racing