Virtous App Digest – Flipbook Animation Maker

Posted by Stefan on 6:38 AM

App Name: – Flipbook Animation Maker

Category: Productivity

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

For users that want to create basic simple 2D animations video and or gif from camera/gallery/web search/trace and draw.

Standout Features:

· Easy to use

· Create basic simple 2D animations video and/or gif

· Use files from camera, gallery, web search or trace and draw

· Use stylus or virtual pen

· Insert key-frame and make changes for that layer and frame position

· One finger for moving pencil, and two finger for drawing/erasing pointer

· Pencil/eraser for drawing, color picker and pencil/eraser size select

· Select and move/rotate/flip

· Inbuilt search for tracing images, adjust, resize/rotate/flip and trace image

· Zoom features and hand move

· Mltiple Layers and key Frames

· Onion View, Onion toggle hide/show and Layers toggle hide/show

· Undo / Redo

· Frames to avi video animation or/and Gif video file creation.

· Tools available to draw multiple shapes with fill/stroke options

· Free for download

Developer: manitech

Google Play Download Link: Flipbook Animation Maker