Virtous App Digest – HostEvent

Posted by Stefan on 1:00 PM

App Name: HostEvent

Category: Events

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free with subscription plans

Who is it for?

- for event organizers / planners

- for event attendees

- for upcoming events and conferences seekers

Standout Features:

• Publish event Agenda and share documents or files related to session

• Enter event locations

• Send instant notifications during your events

• Update important info related to an event

• List event speakers

• Publish sponsors info

• Conduct survey during the event and view survey results on phone.

• See who is attending the event with attendees feature

• Bring life to your events with our Social media like Event Activity page. Where event attendees can post messages, photos, like and comment on the post.

• Connect with event attendees

• Allow one on one connection and messaging with other event attendees

• Bring gamification in your events with Leaderboard ranking based on activity

• Allow event registration and event admin can scan the registered users through their mobile phone

• Upload throwback photos, a video about past and current event

Developer: Quickezapps llc

Website: HostEvent
App Store Download Link: HostEvent
Google Play Download Link: HostEvent