Virtous App Digest - Witty Employee Time Clock App

Posted by Sara Carikj on 2:20 PM

App Name: Witty Employee Time Clock App

Category: Business

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Standout Features:

  • Manage your employee's daily log in an easy way
  • Log-in/log-out with PIN code, face verification, or fingerprint scanner
  • All data are stored in a central storage on cloud real time
  • Managers and employees can be able to track and manage their time
  • Simply install the app on your Android phone/tablet
  • Log-in/register your organization, and voila!
  • You got a digital time clock system on your phone
  • Less to no hassle tracking daily logs and work records
  • Easy clock in and clock out system for you and your employees
  • Conveniently access data in your mobile phones (profile data, leaves, monthly schedule)
  • Payroll software is already integrated into the app
  • Trivia questions each time clock.
  • Company announcements, birthdays, anniversaries and weather display
  • New feature coming soon: RFID scanners for a more convenient way of clocking in and out
  • A cloud-based business management solution
  • Automates SME's management processes including human resource, time and attendance, project management, help desk, etc

Developer: Witty Time Clock App Inc.

Google Play Download Link: Witty Employee Time Clock App