Virtous App Diggest - Car Drifter 3D

Posted by Stefan on 7:57 PM

App Name: Car Drifter 3D

Category: Stunt driving & drifting race

Platform: IOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Check it out our proposal for today called Car Drifter 3D, a perfect racing and drifting game that carefully designed for the hardcore lovers of burning wheels on the road. Prepare yourself for an epic ride on the New York streets where you can test or improve your driving skills. 

Standout Features:

-Thrilling car racing stunt game
-Sharp graphics and exciting sound effects
-Race on the streets of New York
-Realistic racing simulation
-Beautifully designed cars to choose from
-Many city stunts to test your skills
-Perform the insane drifts and extreme stunts
-Rush like a real car drifter to win
-Free for download
Developer: Muhammad Ijaz

App Store Download Link: Car Drifter 3D