Embrace the Concept of Journaling & Digital Memory Keeping while Guiding Your Kids with LegacyofLove Parent Journal

Posted by Stefan on 7:57 AM

App Name: LegacyofLove Parent Journal

Category: Journaling Apps

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free (in-app purchases for various plans)

Who is it for?

- For parents and grandparents that want to keep memories of their kid's growth and development
- For parents and grandparents that want to leave a legacy with lectures and opinions for their kids

Standout Features:

▪️ Auto Age Calculation – Every entry automatically calculates your age and the age of your child (or children) so you can look back on the entries with the context of where you were at the different stages of your lives
▪️ Easy Photo Editing – You can easily crop, rotate, and edit photos
▪️ Safe & Secure – Your data is private and secure, backed up on redundant servers in the cloud
▪️ Add Additional Scribers – You can invite up to 6 “scribers” (spouse, grandparents, etc.) into one account
(Family Plan)
▪️ Tag Any Entry – Any entry can be tagged to make searching and sorting even easier
▪️ Add Audio & Save Voice Mails – Record your own audio files to leave messages in your own voice; or save those first precious voicemails from your children
▪️ Add Video – Record or upload videos into any journal entry
▪️ Milestone Timeline – See a beautiful visual timeline of the major events (as defined by you) of your child’s life
▪️ Photo Book Output – Coming soon! You can export your entries to a beautiful hard copy photo book that tells the story of your child’s life in a visually stunning way.

Google Play Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal

App Store Download Link: LegacyofLove Parent Journal