Virtous App Digest – Drunk Locker

Posted by Stefan on 7:28 AM

App Name: Drunk Locker

Category: App Lockers

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For users that have had embarrassing moments of drunk texting and posting
- For users that want to prevent themselves from using certain apps when they are drunk or high
- For users that want a reliable app locker

Standout Features:

▪️ saves you from drunk texting or social media posting
▪️ set a specific date and time to lock certain apps
▪️ add a specific general knowledge or logical challenge
▪️ add a custom reminder of why you should not use a specific app when drunk/high
▪️ lock/unlock any app on your android smartphone
▪️ Lightweight fast and easy to use

Google Play Download Link: Drunk Locker