Virtous Game Digest – Stock Predict

Posted by Stefan on 5:59 AM

App Name: StockPredict

Category: Stock Trading Simulation

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For users that want to learn stock prediction & stock trading
- For users that want to play stock prediction games for free & earn real rewards

Standout features:

- easy to play
- in-app mail
- simple prediction menu
- global rankings
- spin the wheel to earn diamonds
- vote for the next day’s top 3 stocks
- gives a perspective of stock trading and stock prediction

Developer: Enclaver Labs Ltd

Developer: FW Studio

Google Play Download Link: StockPredict

Most relevant user review:

“if you are beginners in stock prediction you don't have to go anywhere just download this app and you will have good learning in stock prediction.”