Virtous App Digest - Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner

Posted by Stefan on 8:04 AM

App Name: Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner

Category: Messaging

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

- For users that use Whatsapp daily
- For users that want to use whatsapp on multiple devices and want to save statuses

Standout features:

▪️ Simply display this app in your device
▪️ Smart way to use Two whatsapp accounts with scanning
▪️ Simple way to use
▪️ Also provide you to all information about to how scan QR code
▪️ Nice and simple Userinterface.
▪️ You can use same WhatsApp account on mobiles and tablets.
▪️ Whatscan for whatsapp secured with your Password.
▪️ whatsweb - Double Whatsapp, double the fun!
▪️ You can have dual whatsapp in single device!
▪️ You can have your whatsapp account on dual devices!
▪️ Easy to control children whatsapp with clone whatsapp account with whatsweb for whatsapp.

Developer: Google Eli Bitton

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver and WhatsScan QR Scanner