Virtous App Digest – Platonic Opaline

Posted by stamenkovskalj on 1:37 AM

App Name: Platonic Opaline
Category: Puzzle
Platform: IOS and Android
Price: Free
Who is it for?
For players that would like to test themselves with a creative and unique puzzle.
For players that want to piece shapes together to get a final solid and marvel at their work. 

Standout Features:
  •          Stunning graphics and relaxing sounds
  •          Colorful 3D fragments
  •          Touch-screen friendly interface
  •          Touch to drag and place the shapes in the right order
  •          Endless variety of puzzle challenges
  •          Tap to place the shape in the centre
  •          Tap twice to remove a piece
  •          3 difficulty levels
  •          Choose puzzle shape and number of puzzle pieces
  •          Interactive step by step tutorial

Developer:  Sound Shape Software
Official Website: Platonic Opaline
App Store Download Link: Platonic Opaline
Google Play Download Link: Platonic Opaline