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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Virtous App Digest– Stress Buoy

App Name: Stress Buoy  

Category: Health & Fitness 

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users that want to lead a joyful life.  

For users that need an anti-anxiety app to say goodbye to stress.  


Standout Features:  

  • Track your daily stresses and joys 
  • Listen and process stress with mindfulness sessions  
  • Dream-time stories to sleep better 
  • Stay fit and track workouts from 100 popular workouts 
  • Basic Insights  
  • Exclusive programs 
  • Journal to track the highlights of your day with photos 
  • Advanced insights in the premium version of the app 
  • Unlock mindfulness and dream-time stories  
  • Free for download  

Developer: YABBLE Digital 

App Store Download Link: Stress Buoy  

Google Play Download Link: Stress Buoy 

Virtous App Digest– YourVPN

App Name: YourVPN 

Category: Utilities

Platform: iOS

Price: Free with in-app subscriptions

Who is it for?

For users that want to protect their privacy. 

For users to own their VPN server and pay only for what they use.

Standout Features: 

- Own your VPN server

- Everything is under your control

- Pay only what you use 

- Create a new server in two minutes and delete it in two seconds

- Add VPN users to a server

- Share VPN server with others to connect 

- 11 data center regions for global reach

Developer: YourVPN

App Store Download Link: YourVPN

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Virtous App Digest– T7D

App Name: T7D 

Category: Entertainment  

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For gamers to live their passion.  

For gamers to enjoy a unique gaming experience on an all-in-one e-sports platform.  


Standout Features:  

  • E-sports tournaments with many supported titles and over 10000+matches  
  • Stay informed about upcoming competitions, matches, live analytics, and player statistics  
  • Gaming store with a wide range of products  
  • Entertainment and in-game items at the best prices 
  • Customize your team and guild  
  • Engage with your clan, teams, and players 
  • Win cash prizes 
  • Become a part of the community with daily events and lively community on Discord 
  • Match notifications  
  • E-wallet 
  • Articles from trending e-sports sites 
  • Mini games 
  • Free for download  


App Store Download Link: T7D  

Google Play Download Link: T7D 


Virtous App Digest– Driving Test

App Name: Driving Test 

Category: Education   

Platform: Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users that want to test their driving knowledge.  

For users that want to start making better observations on the road and stay safe.  


Standout Features:  

  • Easy to use and effective driving test simulator 
  • Over 150 different junctions and traffic situations 
  • Explanations to help you learn and understand the correct answer 
  • Global high-score list to compare your knowledge with drivers around the world 

  • Keep track of your scores and progress
  • Use of already downloaded tests without Internet connection 
  • Free for download  


Developer: ProWidget Studio 

Google Play Download Link: Driving Test