The New Broadwell Processors Will Offer Thinner Laptops with Longer Battery Life

Posted by TechVirtous on 4:42 AM

At CES 2015 Intel officially introduced the fifth generation of Core processors, who besides offering better performance, offer a longer battery life as well.  The new Broadwell processors come with reduced consumption of around 20 to 30% over the Haswell, and the basic processor comes with consumption of 15W and video playback is 90 minutes longer than the previous series. According to Intel, the laptop battery with Broadwell processors will hold up to 1.5 hours more than laptops with the fourth-generation Haswell processors.

Besides that, the Broadwell processors will enable thinner laptops with longer battery and over 22% improved graphics performance, although, according to Verge, you should not expect to have significantly better performance. Primarily it is about upgrade that will make the processors to save more energy, but they are not "the next big thing" when it comes to gaming.

Broadwell still comes with interesting new features as Intel technologies for removal of cables and ports, Intel Wireless Display technology that supports 4K video and including of technologies such RealSense that can shift the focus of the photos and new Intel voice assistant.

Intel announced 14 new i3, i5 and i7 processors, but there are new Celeron and Pentium processors as well. The first devices with the new processors should be available soon, although Intel didn't announce a specific date. The new processors are designed for desktop computers. However, Intel presented Broadwell Core M processors designed for hybrid devices and tablet computers six months ago.
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