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Friday, January 14, 2022

Virtous App Digest– Wuji

App Name: Space Defenders 

Category: Education 

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users that want to train external and internal Wing Chun with real-life applications.  

For users that want to learn and train martial arts from anywhere you are, on your phone.  


Standout Features:  

  • Martial arts app 
  • Learn and train external and internal Wing Chun with real-life applications  
  • Interactive and high-touch 
  • Train from wherever you are 
  • Instructional videos with individual and partner exercises 
  • Quality feedback on your progress 
  • ‘’Train with others’’ button to connect you with local community members for training 
  • Free for download  


Developer: Toggled LTD 

Official Website: Wuji  

App Store Download Link: Wuji  

Google Play Download Link: Wuji 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Virtous App Digest– Kingdom Catastrophes

App Name: Kingdom Catastrophes  

Category: Adventure  

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For players that like to play a multiplayer interactive game with hilarious endings.  

For players that want to make their own choices in ever-changing fairytale adventure.  


Standout Features:  

  • Interactive fairytale adventure  
  • 1-4 players co-op  
  • Make your own choices 
  • Unlock stories 
  • Discover hundreds of hilarious endings  
  • 20 lively fairytale locations to explore 
  • Earn gold and buy weapons and potions 
  • Build your strength, magic, and charisma 
  • Hundreds of illustrations and interactive stories  
  • Amplify your abilities and find your fortune  
  • Free for download  

Official Website: Kingdom Catastrophes   

App Store Download Link: Kingdom Catastrophes   

Google Play Download Link: Kingdom Catastrophes   

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Virtous App Digest– Workout Gym Fitness Planner

App Name: Workout Gym Fitness Planner

Category: Health & Fitness  

Platform: IOS  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users that want a personal workout trainer and fitness planner.  

For users that want a custom training plan to train with confidence and transform their body.  


Standout Features:  

  • Personal workout trainer and fitness planner 
  • Easy to use with clean user-friendly interface 
  • Tons of workouts to get the results you want  
  • Custom made plan for training  
  • Designed for beginners to understand the mechanics of the exercises 
  • BMI calculator  
  • Calculate day steps by calculated BMI 
  • A full fitness solution 
  • Free for download 



Official Website: Workout Gym Fitness Planner  

App Store Download Link: Workout Gym Fitness Planner