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Friday, March 17, 2023

Virtous App Digest– Play Plus Rewards

App Name: Play Plus Rewards  

Category: Lifestyle  

Platform: Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For users looking for money earning apps.  

For users to play fun games and complete simple tasks to get real rewards.  


Standout Features:  

  • Easy to use and user-friendly  
  • Over 50 games to play and earn  
  • Simple tasks to complete and earn 
  • Daily bonuses 
  • Refer friends to earn even more 
  • Free for download  

Developer: New Fun Maker 

Google Play Download Link: Play Plus Rewards  

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Virtous App Digest– Love Protectors

App Name: Love Protectors 

Category: Health/Spirituality

Platform: IOS and Android 

Price: Free 

Who is it for?

- For users that want to restore their mental and emotional well-being. 

- For users that want to turn every problem in life into a positive life solution. 

- For users that want to rediscover or strengthen their spirituality

Standout Features: 

  • Improve and restore your mental and emotional well-being 
  • Turn life problems into positive life solutions
  • No time limit, no rush 
  • Select from the 5 life principles to fix an issue
  • Get a solution and reflect
  • Each solution comes with a devotion from the Bible
  • Think a step ahead by remembering the unique letters in each Life Principle 
  • Find your Zen by looking at the remaining letters 
  • Select and fix more issues to become an expert 
  • Free for download


Google Play Download Link: Love Protectors

App Store Download Link: Love Protectors

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Virtous App Digest– Moonlight Drive

App Name: Moonlight Drive  

Category: Games  

Platform: IOS and Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For players that like endless 3D driving games.  

For players that like to experience racing through a futuristic city.  


Standout Features:  

  • Extreme 3D visuals  
  • Choose your flying vehicle  
  • Prove your driving skills 
  • Get coins for your achievements 
  • Unlock your favorite vehicle  
  • Free for download  

Developer: SKYTILA MB 

App Store Download Link: Moonlight Drive  

Google Play Download Link: Moonlight Drive 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Virtous App Digest– 4 Riddles

App Name: 4 Riddles  

Category: Casual 

Platform: Android  

Price: Free  

Who is it for? 

For players that like riddle games.  

For players that like to solve funny and tricky word riddles to test their logical thinking.  


Standout Features:  

  • Available in Spanish and English 
  • More than 300 levels with original and classic riddles with answers 
  • No need to wait for free keys, just manage to guess the word  
  • Riddles for everyone 
  • Free for download  

Developer: Alberto Chen 

Google Play Download Link: 4 Riddles