Press Release - Don’t miss the new Summer Reloaded Bundle and the South Park: The Stick of Truth Giveaway from Playinjector

PlayInjector has announced the release of a brand new bundle, The Summer Reloaded Bundle. This new bundle includes 6 indie games, One Day for Ched, GunWorld, Royal Defense, MaPARedux, Nyctophobia and Mind Dead.
PlayInjector is a platform that exists to support independent game developers. By delivering a cooperative environment where funders can donate to the Game Starter Fund, PlayInjector offers the best indie game bundles and community. All money donated to the developers goes to the creators of the games in the bundles.
PlayInjector runs exclusive bundles routinely, offering a fun, fresh variety of unique games. Players are able to pay what they want to access the bundles, and the payments can be distributed between developers, charity, game starter, and PlayInjector tip.
In a time when consumers are growing tired of mainstream games, developers are consistently creating a stream of exciting, new games with innovative interfaces and strategies. These out-of-the-box thinkers are the leaders of the gaming movement and the inventors of the gaming industry’s future great games.
PlayInjector is proud to work with talented indie game developers who bring fresh, new work to the table. In addition to the newly released May Days Bundle, PlayInjector has announced an exclusive giveaway. South Park: The Stick of Truth Giveaway will give one lucky winner a steam key to the game. Facebook login is required to participate in the newly launched giveaway, which ends in 8 days.

To purchase The May Days Bundle, customers can visit and contribute a minimum of $2.99. More information is available at