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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Virtous App Digest - Showtimes, Trailers, Video Movie Reviews by Marquee

Category: Entertainment

Platform: iOS

Apple Watch: Yes

Price: Free

Who is it for:

- Users that like movie apps

- Movie fans

Average Rating: 4.7

Most Relevant User Review

I am a total movie buff. Love to go to the movies weekly and this app makes it easy for me. I love the alert feature (never miss an opening) as well as the ability to create a watchlist and quickly find nearest showtimes. The app is also designed to be very user friendly so I have all the capabilities at the tip of my finger. Being able to purchase movie tickets on the spot is just an added bonus. Love it!

App Store Download Link: Showtimes, Trailers, Video Movie Reviews by Marquee

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Virtous App Digest - Movie Night!

App Name: Movie Night!

Platform: iOS

What it is good for:

- Finding new movies

- Getting movie recommendations on every 24h

- Discounts on movies available on iTunes

Price: Free

Average Rating: 4.5

Most relevant user review:

"It helps you watch a movie when you don’t know what to watch! nice daily suggestion when you're feeling hesitant!


iTunes Download Link: Movie Night!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Virtous App Digest - Scarab

App Name: Scarab

Platform: iOS

What is good for:

- Movie recommendations

- Movie search according to preference

- Relevant film suggestions based on each user's likes and preferences.

Price: Free

Average Rating: 5.0

Most relevant user review:

"I am very impressed with what this app provides. The expansive movie list fits for what I am in the mood for. This a great idea and allows myself to know what kind of movies to look for. I love this app and I use it every time I want to find or see a movie."

iTunes Download Link: Scarab