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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Press Release] - VaultSecure PRO

London, 4 July, 2016. Developed by ZRL Alliance LTD, VaultSecure Pro app is the ultimate security data vault where you can keep your personal Photos, Videos, Voice memos, eWallet, and notepad private under lock and key. The app acts like a vault of everything you may feel important and want to be protected!

VaultSecure PRO additionally can sync all data so you have access across all your devices. It is easy to use, allows full control and protection of your personal data. Your private cloud will ensure you never lose your important personal data ever again.

“We wanted to create something intuitive, feature rich and powerful. App that will keep your personal data like photos, videos and memos secure from all the possible breaches and make all of the data accessible via the cloud. I think we managed it and we are pretty excited to hear the feedback about VaultSecure PRO”, stated Cindy Caan CEO of Vault Secure PRO.

The VaultSecure Pro App allows the highest level of customized data security for your Apple devices. Use PIN pad lock, fingerprint touch ID, facedown auto lock, create a fake PIN to protect the real Vault, and get visual break-in alerts. Also there is a possibility to get additional private cloud space.

Prevent family and friends from accessing your extremely personal photos and videos gallery when they are using your phone or tablet.

Hide and encrypt specific images and folders you choose to keep private and access them through a PIN pad. A great way to protect yourself from your significant other coming across those compromising personal selfies you just can’t stop taking.

Download link:

Contact number: 07947214301

Email ID:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Press Release – Stop Smoking Hypnosis Free

Cave Creek, AZ, June 22, 2016. The successful, world-class powerful voice of the hypnotherapist Victoria Gallagher is back again with a new app, this time dedicated to help all smokers to get rid of the heath-destroying, awful habit.

The app tends to solve the smoking problem and help the listeners be strong in maintaining their will to stop smoking. The addiction will be stopped if users patiently implement the 3 step process included in the app.

The goal of the app is to guide users through their subconscious mind and help them remain committed to permanently quit smoking. The Stop Smoking Hypnosis App will help users become a non-smoker more naturally and easily.

“I have created many different hypnosis apps. Few months ago, as I was talking with one of my patients, I realized that I am not doing nearly enough to help the millions of smokers in our society today. Smoking has been negatively affecting people’s lives for decades. After careful consideration, my team and I started working on developing an app which can help the masses versus what I am able to do in a one-on-one session. This 3-step process is now being used and working well on my clients. I am excited to release it to the world so everyone can access this easy-to-use and intuitive hypnosis audio app”, stated Victoria Gallagher, hypnotherapist and creator of Stop Smoking Hypnosis.

The program is tailored in a 3-step process that users can finish in just 3 weeks.

1). Stop Smoking Session 1 of 3 – “Cut Down Session” (Week 1)

2). Overcome Smoking Forever Part 2 of 3 – Stop Smoking Session (Week 2)

3). Overcome Smoking Forever Part 3 of 3 – Reinforcement (Week 3)

The hypnosis audios are narrated by Victoria Gallagher.

“I have been in the business since 1999. I think these day the hypnosis and technology are a match made in heaven and benefit many more people in the comfort of their own home. I am continuing to work on creating new hypnosis apps, several of which are scheduled to be released over the next several months, as I truly believe in their power and the value they can offer”, she added.

The app is free and available on the App Store.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Press Release: FLIP FOOTBALL the revolutionary football cards game for mobile devices

 From The Bench, the startup company that created big successes such as NBA General Manager and BVB Fantasy Manager, launches its new game, Flip Football

Alicante, April 14, 2016 - From The Bench launches Flip Football for iOS, Android and Facebook. It’s a game that’s known for being simple to play, but you need great skills to dominate.

Flip Football is a football card game based on strategy, where the objective is to flip as many of your opponent's cards as possible, getting the most points to win the match.

With this new game, the company from Alicante distances itself from the traditional “trading card games” with an innovative game play, different from any others that we’ve seen in the sports category. The development of the game was inspired by the original card games but with a Player vs Player mechanic and in real time. It’s also very addicting!

Flip Football consists of collecting the best football players in the world, setting up the best lineup possible and playing matches in real time. In these matches, the decisions are made by the user, generating a very unique experience for both players. There are 3 ways in which you can participate:

· The regular season, in which at the end of the month you receive a reward according to the highest division you’ve reached.

· Tournaments, in which the user can play in each round, but if the user loses the match, he/she will be eliminated.

· Friends, a format which allows the user to enjoy defeating his/her friend up until the very last toss.

Additionally, the users that reach the highest division will compete in a very unique competition in which only the best users play, with very exclusive virtual rewards.

Official website:

Acerca de From The Bench -

Flip Football was developed by the Spanish company, From The Bench, which is specialized in the development of social sports manager games on multiple platforms: iOS, Android and Amazon. In addition, From The Bench has other successful games such as Fantasy Manager Franchise, with more  than 25 football club licenses, and NBA General Manager, with the official license of the NBA. Their games have accumulated more than 60 million downloads worldwide.

Contact: Tel.: 965 397 321 | 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

[Press Release] 123QWERTY-One of the Best iOS Keyboard Apps-Rolls Out a Huge Update

02.25.2016 Lakewood, NJ. Produced by 123-QWERTY LLC for all iPhone & iPad models, 123QWERTY is a must have custom keyboard app available now on the Apple App Store. 123QWERTY has rolled out the most revolutionary update since the Apps release.

“My own experience with constantly juggling between keyboard screens led me to put out an innovative and highly customizable keyboard that users rave about. More good news, we’ve renovated and enhanced the basic program creating a more perfect product that is more powerful and easier to use. It is designed to help users like myself to become more productive on their iOS devices.” stated Joseph Tesler, CEO of 123QWERTY LLC.

At its core 123QWERTY is an assignable & customizable keyboard for the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s, iPad & Air. It enables you to put letters, symbols and your own personal phrases on one convenient screen easily designing your own keyboard. The number row also conveniently appears on the first screen.

The Update

Basic 123QWERTY app is free enabling all users to get the feel of its handy features. The free app now works flawlessly with all iPhones including the 6S & 6S plus.

In App purchases allow you to bring one screen texting to a whole new level. Users get 20 assignable blank keys that are also scrollable. Once added they appear partially in the 2 top rows.

The entire keyboard is now programmable as well for loads of personal entries. In Landscape mode the number key pad displays on the right and the number layout is reversible-great for gamers.

You can toggle keyboard clicks – on/off. 123QWERTY now also shows lowercase letters when typing in lower case and uppercase letters when typing in upper case. The app is smoother, faster and even more customizable than before.

Download Link:


Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Press Release] - AgreeOn releases a big UI update to their iOS app

21.01.2015 San Francisco, CaliforniaAgreeOn is an app to easily split and track rent, debt, bills, IOUs, and expenses with friends and family. The app was introduced on the App Store back in 2012 and today released another big update, v0.7.4, with a much more intuitive UI and some additional features. The app works on iOS9 and later, so if you are still on an older version of iOS, this is a very good reason to upgrade. The app is free to download.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Press Release - Frida Kahlo - The Official App

1 November, 2015. Pompano Beach, FL Created by the Florida based developers My Guides, Inc in collaboration with The Frida Kahlo Corporation. Frida Kahlo - The Official App is an Android, and soon iOS, app that is dedicated to Frida Kahlo. There are several apps about the famous and iconic Mexican painter, but this one is official because it is created in collaboration with The Frida Kahlo Corporation. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Press Release – Clinch – A new Online Browsing Experience has begun!

Thursday 29 October, 2015. Clinch is an iOS Lifestyle app created by an Online Shopper, for Online Shoppers. It is based on the simple notion that even though online shopping has become part of our everyday lives, there were no tools available to enable a complete ‘journey to purchase’

Clinch offers all of the tools needed to complete that journey, making more assured purchase decisions. Think of Clinch as your Personal Online Shopping Assistant.

Beautifully optimized for the iPad, but keep an eye out for the iPhone and Android versions next year.

Clinch: collect, compare, create, shuffle and share

“Finally an app that all Online Shoppers have been waiting for”

What makes Clinch unique is that it is definitely not a store. It is a self-curated platform. Browse and Clinch from any website you like and keep everything in your library. You can then interact with them further.

“I am an avid follower of fashion and interiors, living remotely with two young children and a home to renovate, I would research and buy almost everything online. Although online shopping has evolved and become part of our everyday lives, I found myself adopting some pretty creative behaviours trying to get around the current system that just didn’t work.

Clinch came from my will to create an empowered browsing experience that meets the needs and behaviours of Online Shoppers, enabling assured purchase decisions”.

Clinch what you like while browsing online

Collect image, description and URL for easy revisiting

Compare across multiple website of your choice

Create a storyboard using Canvas

Shuffle through multiple combinations

Share with family and friends.

Clinch also adds value and revenue to any Merchant; by addressing consumers’ behaviours and creating a better browsing experience, we help to optimise conversion rates. We currently have in excess of 2000 affiliated brands worldwide and growing.

We have big plans! Clinch is on the investment trail and hoping to secure funding by the end of the year. With that comes Clinch V2, iPhone/iPad hybrid and Android. “I see Clinch being docked on every mobile device and being Online Shoppers ‘go-to’ browsing assist”.

Clinch gains industry accolades;

- #3 Anthill Smart 100.

- Top 100 qualifier for E27 Echelon Summit for Asia Pacific.


- Startup Smart. Power Retail. Seymour Telegraph

A new browsing experience has begun…start clinching today!”

Download Link:

Official Website:

Contact: Sharon Clark

Mobile: +61 439 153 363Email:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Press Release – Tasty Solitaire Classic

Derby, 17 October, 2015. Do you love the classic solitaire card game that was basically one of the most play games on Windows? Well you will surely adore Tasty Solitaire Classic, an Android game produced by Social Play, which is one of the most creative fusions of a card and puzzle game with amazingly beautiful graphics and well thought levels and story. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Press Release - Catch Tracker App

Catch Tracker App – Get Local Fishing Reports, Lake's Location, List of Possible Species That are Spawning Estimated Water Temperature, Current Weather Conditions and Moon Phase.

Overland Park, KS - October 17, 2015 – Created by Fishing Notes Catch Tracker App is the new fishing app for Anglers that is one of the best new tools that passionate anglers and the fishing community can have on their iOS devices while they are on the road. Several passionate anglers were included in the creation of Catch Tracker all with one goal – to make the most utilized, useful and functional location based iOS app for anglers.

“We’ve worked really hard to produce a simple, yet handy tool for anglers, because we ourselves are passionate anglers as well. We tried to include as many data as possible, make it intuitive, private, simple and precise. We hope the fishing community will find it useful”, stated Wes Stueve from Fishing Notes.

The app features simple and easy access to any lake’s location, list of possible species that are spawning, water temperature, current weather conditions and moon phase. There are more than 35,000 lakes, reservoirs and local ponds included in the app. That makes it a highly reliable source of relevant information. 

Important – There is possibility to keep logs of your fishing activities and the data is private, unlike the other fishing apps.

That means that you can create private logs and save the image of your catch, info about the type of species, type of bait used, water clarity, sky clarity etc. The app has clean user interface that is very intuitive and joyful to use.

Catch Tracker is free and having it on your iPhone or iPad can only make you a better angler. There will be new features soon, the app will only be advanced and improved to have great value to the end users.
Fishing Notes website:

Monday, September 28, 2015

Press Release – Cover Canvas, create beautiful Facebook Covers and Twitter Headers using your iPhone.

London, 26.09.2015 Do you want to create beautiful cover photos with ease and later use them on your Twitter and Facebook profiles? Cover Canvas, the lovely iOS app, will enable you to do just that. It comes with over 100 professionally designed templates with custom designed collages and various themes for every occasion and holidays.

All this can be accomplished with 3 simple steps. First pick a template then personalize it by adding/editing your own photo(s) & text and finally export it as your Facebook cover photo or Twitter Header. One of the major concerns with the cover and header photos was the quality of the image. The developers of the app made sure that both the Template quality and the quality of the photos that you add is retained while designing and exporting the cover photos and at the same time conforming to the guidelines provided by Facebook and Twitter.

“On an average, Facebook and Twitter users change their cover/header photos once every month or based on special occasions and seasons. So far we haven’t found a decent app that can do this with the templates that the users are looking for. We have created Cover Canvas to address just that. With its slick UI, Cover Canvas allows you to easily change your Facebook cover and Twitter header with ease. There are tons of customization features that the users can implement and make their own private photos look awesome. Also, we update the templates weekly and it is automatically pushed to the app. No update needed”, stated Sai Kumar, the developer of Cover Canvas.

With Cover Canvas you will definitely always have cool, fresh and interesting cover photos on both Twitter and Facebook profiles. The app is free to download and available on the App Store. 

Download Link:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Press Release - Crazy Turkey Run & Fun Game

7 September, 2015. "Crazy Turkey Run and Fun" a free endless shooter and runner for android is available now. The game tells the story of a Crazy Turkey on Mars realizes that the aliens have drugged and kidnapped all the turkeys from Earth. These turkeys are packed into pumpkins in a secret factory and are transported to the grand feast.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Press Release - Grade tracking app starts on top for new school year

September 1, 2015. The stylish Android app, Grade Tracker Pro, launched one year ago on September 1, 2014 with high hopes and a long way to go. Now, with powerful new features and a cosmetic overhaul, it begins the new school year as the most downloaded and top-rated app for tracking student grades and GPA.
Reception—what users say
It is clear from user feedback that Grade Tracker Pro is truly loved, achieving a 4.5/5 star rating from over 300 reviews and over 20,000 downloads. Students praise the app for providing a convenient and accurate way to stay on top of their grades and track their GPA.
User Gabe sums it up nicely: “Every student should have this simple and easy to use app. It keeps track of all of your grades easily and your running GPA so you always know how you're doing.”
And updates and improvements keep users happy: “Best grades app for android, has only gotten better with updates” – Robert.
Why the success?
Grade Tracker Pro has truly risen through the ranks in a saturated market to become arguably the best grade tracking app for Android. To what can we attribute this success?
1)      Free! Grade Tracker Pro is completely free with no ads or in-app purchases.
2)      Robust Features – Students can account for any situation with unlimited grades, weighted categories, custom grade scales, multiple semesters, extra credit, rounding, and much, much more. One of its most-loved features is a Grade Calculator, which can predict what a student needs on their next grade to achieve a certain average.
3)      Beautiful Design – Recent updates have incorporated Android’s Material Design, making for a beautiful and fluid user experience.
4)      Premium Support – Users praise the developer for happily engaging with users and answering questions. One student, Kenneth, reports “Best of all, Noah, the developer is always available for any questions or feedback via email. He is putting a lot of effort into this and deserves a kudo!”
5)      FAQ – The app includes an extensive FAQ to address any concerns. Not only is it informative, but it is kind of funny, too!
Who’s the developer?
The developer, Noah, at NSouthProductions is an Android hobbyist, developing Grade Tracker Pro and other high-quality education-related apps in his spare time.
What’s next?
NSouthProductions has promised to continue updates and improvements as the app becomes more ubiquitous and the user base clamours for more features. Rumoured improvements include support for pass/fail classes, the ability to set grade goals, assignment reminders, and more.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Press Release - GetNameNecklace Offers Elegant Rings for Girls

14.07.2015 GetNameNecklace, an online jewelry store, now offered a collection of elegant rings for girls. This online jewelry shop comes with a wide variety of products to choose from, giving the best value for the money of their customers.

GetNameNecklace comes with a complete set of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are all available for personalization. They offer the best styles and designs to select from.

GetNameNecklace sells the best rings for girls. There are some pieces that are made with gemstones and with pretty designs. Every piece of rings that they sell can be personalized by adding the name of the holder and her partner’s name. Aside from rings, this online jewelry store is selling a wide selection of bracelets that can be designed using the Roman Numerals or with the name of the wearer or anybody else who matters most to her life. GetNameNecklace also comes with a great collection of necklaces for girls and charm bracelets for girls. The necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets available are all available in several designs to let their valued customers choose one that fits well with their choice. Their products are available in various colors to choose from such as silver, rose gold, gold,  platinum and white gold. GetNameNecklace also comes with many jewelry collections which include mother daughter, good luck numerals, solid gold, acrylic jewelry and date and numerals. 

Their necklaces are available in different choices to choose from which include monogram, birthstone, infinity, family tree, heart and a lot more. They also have the best selling jewelry for girls and a good variety of tags for dogs. GetNameNecklace assures that every piece of jewelry that they sell is made using the finest and authentic materials such as gold and silver that will never cause harm to sensitive skin.

As of now, GetNameNecklace is selling items sold at discounted prices. Those who want to learn more may visit their official website for more information. All items are offered with free shipping anywhere in the world.

GetNameNecklace is a seller of nice pieces of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces that are available for personalization. This company is a manufacturer of jewelry that is located in Hong Kong offering gorgeous and trendy personalized jewelry.  Their products are in different types and categories which include necklaces, family pendants and monogram chocker necklaces.

To learn more about GetNameNecklace, please do not hesitate to visit