Virtous App Digest - DESCRIPIX

Posted by Sara Carikj on 6:09 PM


Category: Business

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For industry, artisans, mechanics, repairmen, real estate agents, and other users that want to explain things better, to better sell, teach and communicate.
  • For users that want a new and modern way of describing things. 
Average user rating: 3.8

Standout features

  • Clean and intuitive user interface, great graphics.
  • Light-weighted app.
  • Link together as many images you want.
  • Put them in different projects.
  • Add pins on the things you like to describe.
  • Add text and links to them.
  • Export as PDF.
  • Describe your whole house, you can perform inventory statements, manual, describe your work, your failures, your questions, record your experiences, share your experiences, create maps, making instruction or work, record scratches, etc.

Developer: vin.sans.appli

Google Play Download Link: DESCRIPIX