Virtous App Digest - Kidz Tokenz – Reward Kids

Posted by Sara Carikj on 6:28 PM

App Name: Kidz Tokenz – Reward Kids

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

  • For parents that want their children to adopt good behavior and help them learn better bu rewarding them.

Average user rating: 4.7

Standout features

    • Offers an easy and completely flexible reward chart system for your kids.
    • Type the kid’s name.
    • Select the type of reward token.
    • Select the target number of tokens.
    • Add their photo.
    • Add a task with the photo.
    • Start rewarding your kid for good behavior.
    • Share your kid's progress on Facebook.
    • A must have app for all parents to help their regular, autism effected kids or kids who need special attention.
    • Easy to use, with friendly user interface.


    Google Play Download Link: Kidz Tokenz – Reward Kids
    App Store Download Link: Kidz Tokenz – Reward Kids
    Official Website: Kidz Tokenz – Reward Kids