Virtous App Digest –LogicalDoc

Posted by Stefan on 8:33 AM

App Name: LogicalDoc

Category: Business

Platform: iOS & Android, Windows, Mac OS X

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Businesses of all sizes with backgrounds in a variety of industries that need top notch document management and knowledge management software. Major industries where it can be used include financial services, retail and wholesale, technology and software development, education, and others. 

Standout features:

- Saving time and expense of storing and maintaining documents

- Choice of cloud or on-premise deployment

- Easy to install and use with minimal training

- Unlimited product support

- Availability in multiple languages (such as English, French, Spanish and German)

Developer: LogicalDOC

Most Relevant User Review: “it works for me it meets my basic requirements. that is log into my account and move files, download files, share files”

App Store Download Link: LogicalDOC Mobile

Google Play Download Link: LogicalDOC Mobil