Virtous App Digest - Organic Chemistry Help

Posted by Sara Carikj on 7:44 AM

App Name: Organic Chemistry Help

Category: Education

Platform: iOS


Who is it for?
  • For users that want to learn Organic Chemistry.
  • For users that need a faster and easier method for mastering Organic Chemistry.
Average user rating: 4.5

Most relevant user review:
"Great for studying organic chemistry on the go. Really useful and helpful. I used Orgo 1 and Orgo 2 sections so far.. Nice and it is helping me."

Standout features
    • Fast method to learn organic chemistry
    • Organic chemistry basics and reactions included
    • Tips and tricks from teachers explained
    • Includes summary guides, notes and mechanisms 
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Perfect for studying for Orgo 1, Orgo 2, MCAT, DAT, OAT, and for PCAT 

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