Virtous App Digest - PersonalityMatch

Posted by Sara Carikj on 7:45 PM

App Name: PersonalityMatch

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?
  • For users that like to take sophisticated personality test.
  • For users that want to discover the secrets to getting along with anyone.
  • For users that want to improve their relationships with anyone in their lives.
Average user rating: 4.5

Most relevant user reviews:

  • "Great app! This was great for not only getting to know myself better but how I can relate to others and also highlighted some career paths that are worth considering and that I would perform better in than the one I'm in now. Great to do this in a group!"
  • " I downloaded this for fun just to figure out what my Myers Briggs personal type was. The results I got were incredible. This app is extremely accurate and provides you with a lot of information. I recommend this app if you want to know what personality type the test thinks you are. This app may not be the most accurate for all people, so before you write a bad review about it saying that it got your personality completely wrong, just remember; it is a test on an app."
Standout features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Sophisticated personality quiz.
  • Discover your persona out of the 16 types.
  • Match your personality with friends.
  • Learn about your friends’ personality type.
  • See your compatibility score.
  • Identify common frustrations and how to solve them.
  • Get personalized advice on how to improve your relationship.
  • A great tool for finding your ultimate career path.
Developer: Online Commerce Group BV

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Official Website: PersonalityMatch