Virtous Game Digest - Flickin' Boogers

Posted by Sara Carikj on 8:42 AM

App Name: Flickin' Boogers

Category: Games

Platform: iOS


Who is it for?
  • For people that want to have hours of fun with a unique, hilarious, fun and addictive iOS game.
Standout features
    • Beautiful HD graphics.
    • Multiple interesting characters that parade by your car's window.
    • Challenging gameplay that requires your precision skills.
    • Show your sharp-shooting booger-flicking skills.
    • Flick and hit as many people as possible. 
    • You get three boogers per game.
    • Watch the power bar to gauge the strength of your flicking.
    • Parental Gate for safe transactions of the in-app purchases.
    Developer: Peter Deeley

    App Store Download Link: Flickin' Boogers