Virtous App Digest – Don’t Leave it! Remember to take your stuff!

Posted by Stefan Savic on 9:01 PM

App Name: Don’t Leave it! Remember to take your stuff!

Category: Utilities

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Are you tired of forgetting things? Then don’t worry anymore as we have brought you an app this time that will be your perfect caretaker of your belonging and will definitely save you from being worried about your stuff.

Standout features:

· Set your alert distance let say you can walk away from your belongings, about 60 steps.

· Reminds you through push notification when you leave the mentioned distance.

· Check your alert status

· Add about 6 notes or tags about the item

· About 80 pre added most forgotten items.

· Add your customize items

· Search the app’s personal item library to quickly find the item you want to create a reminder for.

· Works even if you are run out with your data or if there are no signals.

Developer: Layman Lab, Inc

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome way to make sure I don't forget my jacket, bag or other item I bring out, put down and usually forget about. As long as you remember to input the item into the app when you get there, the app won't let you leave without a reminder about your item.”

App Store Download Link: Don’t Leave it! Remember to take your stuff!

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