Virtous App Digest – Know Your Personality™

Posted by Stefan on 6:25 PM

App Name: Know Your Personality™

Category: Lifestyle

Platform: iOS & Android

Price: $2.99

Who is it for?

Users who are interested in finding out more about their own personalities and those of their friends. The app also claims to be able to provide the users with advice about both personal and work relationships. It helps users understand numerology as well.

Standout features:

Have a Better Understanding of Self and Others.

The premise is relatively simple.

Very easy to use interface

Every query is self-written and calculated.

help you truly grasp your personality


Most Relevant User Review:

“Great app Had to take something like this in college, but it wasn't quite as in depth. However, I love the answers because they're real and are not sugarcoated. They also point out what you need to fix of anything and give you the resources to do so. Great app and I think everybody should try it”

App Store Download Link: Know Your Personality™

Google Play Download Link: Know Your Personality™


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