Virtous Game Digest – Campfire's Burning

Posted by Stefan Savic on 7:03 PM

App Name: Campfire's Burning

Category: Games

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?

It is a unique new game for all ages. Great for the ones that love stoking the fire. Keep the campfire burning and earn coins for every second that it is alight. Save up for items that help you collect wood faster and keep the fire burning longer. This game is more challenging than it appears. Campfire's Burning is quite addictive game with unlimited fun.

Standout features:

· It is easy to learn and lots of fun

· Addictive game play

· Eye-catching graphics and soothing sounds

· A handy solution to relief from all your stresses

· For all ages

· Play offline

Developer: Tate Needham

Most Relevant User Review:

“Game is interest. I like it. I can relax on my free time. Thank developer.”

App Store Download Link: Campfire's Burning

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