Virtous Game Digest – Hooman Invaders Tower Defense

Posted by Stefan on 8:02 PM

App Name: Hooman Invaders Tower Defense

Category: Strategy/Games

Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Users who like free tower defense android games in the strategic locations in order to effectively kill your free time in a more productive way. This game requires quick thinking, careful planning, and speedy finger tapping.

Standout features:

· The best and peaceful 3D graphics.

· Build , manage and upgrade your defenses.

· Use the spells for more devastating results.

· Fight the invaders and earn some rewards.

· Leader board options and you can also share them.

· Tutorials included helping you in smooth game play.

· And much more…

Developer: ASSIST Software

Most Relevant User Review:

“Awesome game, and very addictive! Started playing it two days ago and it got me hooked!”

App Store Download Link: Hooman Invaders Tower Defense

Google Play Download Link: Hooman Invaders Tower Defense

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