Virtous App Digest – mindZense Sleep VR

Posted by Stefan Savic on 5:03 PM

App Name: mindZense Sleep VR

Category: Lifestyle/ Health & Fitness

Platform: Android

Price: Free

Who is it for?

Users who Have trouble in sleeping mindZense Sleep is a great tool for calming down and get a good night’s rest! Going to sleep don´t necessarily mean you should be counting sheep – with VR it becomes an experience. The VR universe helps you to leave the day behind and enter a dreamier state of mind. The gentle narrative, music and binaural beats is designed for sleep and relaxation. As your body settles down your mind will settle down as well.

Standout features:

- Unique virtual reality environment with unique meditation techniques

- Captivating and relaxing meditation music

- Binaural Theta beats included

- Intuitive UI

- ease to setup and use

- Highly effective against stress and sleep deprivation

- relaxes the mind and soul and is helpful against stress

Developer: Minditorium

Most Relevant User Review:

"This app is EXACTLY what I wanted. It is a simple selection of guided mindfulness recordings at a normal price. I am sleeping better and feeling so much more relaxed. The design is beautiful. Love it!”

App Store Download Link: mindZense Sleep VR

Google Play Download Link: mindZense Sleep VR