Virtous App Digest - ON/OFF Photo

Posted by hightechholic on 9:09 PM

App Name: ON/OFF Photo

Category: Photos

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Who is it for?
Users who want to manage their photos and take full control over who views them. Users who want to additionally be able to delete and block photos from other people’s phones.

Standout features:

- Real-time Hiding/Unhiding and Deletion of a Photo
- Instant Notifications when Someone is Looking at Your Photo
- Ability to Chat about Your Photos with your Friends

- Automatic Exposure Prevention
- Fast and Simple

Developer: Iridium Studio

Most Relevant User Review:

"WOW!! I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution”

App Store Download Link: ON/OFF Photo

Iridium Studio: